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     Wuyi Cihang Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD Founded in 1993,In 2000 the remanufacture was the private enterprise,Company in Wuyi Nanhua street 71, The factory district environment static, is pure, is unimpeded
.Occupying a land area of total area 30000 square meters, floor space 11000 square meters, afforested area 16000 square meters.The company has the fixed asset 8,600,000 Yuan, now staff 145 people, medicine chemical industry specialist 112 people.
      This is one produces chemistry bulk drugs primarily drugs production enterprise, Main production,Probucolm,Levamlodipine Besylate Tablets,Olopatadine Hydrochloride,Tamsulosin.The new project increased the item to register ,Our company is the northern area only shell promise ester bulk drugs production enterprise ,This product has filled the Hebei province blank, and has the honor to receive the Hebei province science and technology award.Country medicine accurate character,Yearly produces the Benorilate bulk drugs 400 tons, occupied the domestic 90% market share.The output value 25,000,000, the year creates the profits and taxes 1,900,000 Yuan.The Benorilate bulk drugs production workshop the whole (hereafter referred to as the GMP authentication) in August, 2003 through the drugs production quality control authentication, Probucol bulk drugs for present province in own product, and authenticated the scene inspection in March, 2006 through GMP, obtained the drugs GMP certificate.
       According to the national SDA overall plan, the company carried on the extension and the transformation in 2002, and became the Hengshui first whole in 2003 August through the GMP authentication drugs manufacture enterprise, caused the enterprise the production, the management, the management standardized, the institution, has laid the solid foundation and the safeguard for the next development.
      Wuyi Cihang Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD Carries out strives for the survival by the quality, to strive for the development by the science and technology to govern the enterprise policy, has the consummation quality assurance system, presses the modern enterprise system operation completely. By top quality; Reasonable price; Stable source of goods; Consummation service; Receives the kind navigation to be in sole possession of the management philosophy and the quality idea. Pursue enterprise quickly higher development.
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