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Products name:Benorilate  Raw materla GUOYAOZHUNZI H13023175
Benorilate is Aspiria and PHENACETINU esterify outcome
Chemical name : 2——ACETOXYBENZOIC ACID—4—乙酰氨基苯酯
1.2 Chemical structural formula

1.3Molecular weight : 313 Molecular formula :C17H15 N 05
1.4 Properties:A white crystalline powder,odorless and tasteless. Soluble in acetone,In boils in Alcohol easy to dissolve, in boils in Methanol to be possible to dissolve, in Methanol or Alcohol slightly soluble, does not dissolve in the water 。
2、 Quality standard、spec and packaging requirement
2.1 This product tallies(Chinese pharmacopoeia 2005 edition two )Benorilate under each stipulation
2.2 Packaging and packing specification :The outside wrapping models the compound bag for the method of three-in-one paper;
The intension is two for medicinal purposes UHMW-PE membrane bag,25kg/jian。
2.3 Function :Allays a fever the analgesia、anti - inflammatory drug、DMARDs。
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