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Product name:Probucol Raw materlal GUOYAOZHUNZI H10960292
1.1 Products name: Probucol
Chemical name:4,4[( 1-甲基亚乙基)both (sulfur)]
both [2.6-双(1.1-二甲基乙基)phenol ]
or:both (3.5-二丁基羟基苯硫)acetonide
1.2 Chemical structural formula
1.3 Molecular weight : 517.86 Molecular formula:C31H48O2S2
1.4 Properties:Colourless crystals or a white crystalline or granular powder;Has especially smelly。Easy to dissolve in Chloroform, dissolves in Alcohol, does not dissolve in the water 。
2、Quality standard、spec and packaging requirement
2.1 This product tallies(Chinese pharmacopoeia 2005 edition two )Probucol under each stipulation
2.2 Packaging and packing specification:The outside wrapping models the compound bag or the fiber can for the method of three-in-one paper ;
The intension is two for medicinal purposes UHMW-PE membrane bag,25kg/jian。
2.3 Hypolipidemic 。
Summarize :First does in US for falls fat medicine going on the market, latter in England, Japan, Germany and so on several human of countries goes on the market one after another, after the clinical practice discovered Pu spreads out tests took the PTCA technique prevents narrowly applies drugs again. The various countries' expert thought generally Pu spreads out tests is one of present anti-atherosclerosis effective medicines, not only Pu spreads out tests independent falls the fat medicine, after its oxidation resistance, the anti-inflammation function, prevents the PTCA technique narrow and so on the aspect curative effects also very to be again accurate, the side effect is small.In recent years in our country heart blood vessel of brain China level, in the state-level magazine has successively published paper 57 which concerned Pu spreads out tests, has enrolled our country first "Blood fats Study", has read in our country blood vessel of brain medicine guide, took independent kind of oxidation inhibitor, of has enrolled technical college doctor the teaching material, is in recent years one of practicing physician, pharmacist examination questions, has read in the People's Republic of China 2005 edition pharmacopoeias, in 2004 comments into the country medical insurance table of contents class B.
Similar medicine contrast: Similar medicine he sandbank class medicine because the side effect big sale market in the landslide, on July 21, 2005 the Chinese medicine newspaper reported, Canada has called to his sandbank class medicine to stop, the request production enterprise changes the instruction booklet, his sandbank class medicine only is falling the blood fats aspect to spread out compared to Pu tests, but in the oxidation resistance, the anti-inflammation and the fatty liver, familial, homozygote Gao Dangu aspects and so on alcoholemia patient is invalid, Pu spreads out the clinical practice scope which tests to have his sandbank class medicine to be broader than.

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